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Answering a Need

We are building a network of leaders looking to close the gap between Veteran and civilian skills, as well as guiding Veterans to life outside of military structure. Our goal is to provide a place where Veterans and First Responders that qualify can visit the Sanctuary to decompress and work on their mental needs to help them ease back into society. They will have more opportunities and a better perspective for adjusting to life outside of the military. We would like to work with local agencies to give ideas on career paths and open doors for future work experience.  

What We're Doing

We are leasing 10 acres of land on a 128 acre parcel dedicated to building an off grid community in Linneus, Maine. We are building cabins, RV park and camping area for Veterans and First Responders to get away and enjoy creating a beautiful off-grid experience. There will also be cabins equipped for Veterans with disabilities and their families to come experience all the same amenities. There will be recreational activities on the land such as fishing, camping,  farming, gardening and milling our own trees for construction plus so much more. However, there will be no firearms or firearm hunting on the land out of respect for our Veterans with PTSD and other adversities. 

Things You Can Help With

Donations as well as grants are a huge part of this dream becoming a reality. Our list of needed supplies include but is not limited to: Cooking Supplies, Housing Supplies, Medical Supplies, Generators, Shipping Containers, Recreational Equipment, Gym Equipment, Construction Supplies, Construction Equipment, Furniture, Food, Camping Supplies, Volunteers, Vocational Experts, Career Trainers.

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