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Answering a Need

Over the course of 2020-2021 Jacob Inman exited the military on a medical discharge in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the process of his separation navigated on his own:

  • Selling his house

  • Moving his belongings

  • Transferring multiple government benefits programs

  • Being homeless for four months with his family across three different states

  • Obtaining part-time employment to pass an application a new house

  • All while being a full-time college student so he could continue to house and feed his family without completely draining a continuously dwindling savings...

  • And surviving everything that came with the pandemic.

It was right about here that Jacob had an epiphany: vets need help, and they need it now. This is how the VSF was conceived and later supported by his father and brother, Zach and Lucas Inman.

The Veterans Sanctuary Foundation is a destination in the woods, off the grid, where veterans who need a net of common core values, structure, education, and basic assistance upon exit of the armed forces have a place they can easily earn their keep while they prepare to re-enter the civilian world running. Veterans and the general public who wish to support our growth can use our facilities to get away, decompress, give back, and bond with other like-minded people.

"My brother and I had a dream 30 years ago that a place like this should exist. This has been my passion as well as my mission. Together we can build the perfect 'Bug Out' environment for our Veterans."

- Jacob Inman

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